Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Fresh Start Over at the New Blog


From now on, I will no longer be posting in Something About Mary.

Please follow me over at my new blog, Creative Seeker.

Creative Seeker is all about living life creatively. I strive to find creative ways to express myself in every aspect of my life, how I dress, what I cook, my home decor, and my hobbies. There you will still find similar posts about: my art and features of other art and artists, tips and tricks that I have learned through my life's adventures, and reviews of books that inspire me. I will also be writing more about my other interests, hence the title, which allows me to explore and share all the ways to experience creativity in life. This includes, but is not limited to: fashion, decorating and organizing the home, travel, and cooking yummy food. It's not just about me, but about how YOU can find more joy in everything you do.

I have removed the old posts from this site and moved the best over to the archives of the new one. I needed a fresh start, so this is it. I hope you will follow me there! I'll still be keeping this account to follow my friends on Blogger, so I won't go away, don't worry :)